About us

About 15 years ago, we, Paul and Rose, established ourselves in Vallon Pont d’Arc, after a real estate agent asked to take care of the landscaping of the gardens for his Dutch clients. As a Dutch couple with French employees, we try to unite the best of both worlds. After all these years, we have gained extensive experience and built up a large circle of reliable suppliers and subcontractors. But even now, after 15 years, we still regularly run into “cultural differences”. Because we know how frustrating this can be, we try to combine the Dutch “efficiency and ponctuality culture” with the French “demain il fera jour” mentality as well as possible. In our services, communication during the work is a very important aspect. Because many of our customers live more than 1000 km away, communication is very important. For example, we send photos of the progress every week for major projects and we are always in close contact with our clients. Mutual trust is very important here and we also stand for this with our personal involvement. Our regular French team understands what our customers understand by service, how important we think it is to think from the perspective of the customer and is an expert in their field. By working with good French employees, we try to provide our customers with the best possible service without losing the French charm. In addition, you can communicate in your own language and voilà: Oleander is the best of both worlds!